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Management of the Road: do the management of the three management revelation sharing

Management work carried out, it is inseparable from the cooperation of each employee. Efficient management of staff is not an easy thing, but it is not impossible. How to do a good job of staff management? Want to know how to do a good job of staff management, the following management inspiration may wish to look at it.
Management of the Road: do the management of the three management revelation sharing

1) scientific staff for a reasonable division of labor, improve work efficiency. The normal operation of an organization is like a running machine, each part of the need to be able to run and cooperate, only each part can play a role in the machine can run well. Parts is the existence of each employee, so in order to avoid their responsibility to shirk each other, the phenomenon of each other and so on, the scientific division of labor collaboration is very important. Reasonable division of labor so that employees can play their own advantages, so that employees are clear their job responsibilities, so that employees can work better in a state of work, but also to facilitate the management of their ability to better assess their ability to help supervise and correct mistakes, Make work more efficient.

Management of the Road: do the management of the three management revelation sharing
2) Develop clear, operational standards. The standard of work is to allow employees to clear their work to the requirements of the behavior guide, so that the work of their own things have a reference to the standard and direction to prevent employees to relax vigilance caused by work slack. The development of work standards can make the management work carried out to follow and the basis of the law, combined with the assessment to help better work. It is important to develop work standards to participate in the implementation of the views of the implementation, not blindly want to standard, operational standards are important.

Management of the Road: do the management of the three management revelation sharing

3) to control the "responsibility". That is to say that the interests of the company and the individual interests of employees together to build a good responsibility, power and interests of the platform, which requires the establishment of a suitable management system, so that each employee feel the existence of responsibility, feel their own The benefits are combined with the interests of the company. Because if the lack of responsibility may produce lax and corruption, lack of power can not be carried out smoothly, the lack of benefits will make staff enthusiasm decline, perfunctory. The establishment of a common vision, a common belief, so that employees can make it towards the common interests of efforts.

The management of the work done in need of managers carefully, do the things to do. The above share how to do a good job of staff management of the three points.

Management sharing: effective management of employees can take advantage of management

A good manager is like a coach on the pitch, make good use of the player's ability to beat the competition and win the game. Then want to effective staff management, how should start? The following order some management, for your reference.
Effective employee management can take advantage of these management options:
1. Take advantage of the Pygmalion effect to give employees expectations. This is the use of an expectation, if you believe that things can be carried out smoothly, then things will progress very well, good things will happen. Passing a positive expectation to a person will make him progress faster and vice versa will pass on the expectation that will give others the effort to give the manager the right pressure and expectation for the subordinates, give them trust, and provide them with growth Opportunity, can effectively stimulate the staff of the fighting spirit. Matsushita Yusuke is a master of this, often using telephone management to subordinates, new employees call, ask the staff how the situation, if the staff to answer the work progress smoothly, Matsushita Fortunately, will encourage to say "very good, I hope you good fuel "This will allow employees to feel the leadership of their own trust and attention, and thus more hard work.

Management sharing: effective management of employees can take advantage of management

2. clever use of the Halle law, to promote the work of the staff motivation. People are usually lazy, and if someone is supervising and directing, the staff will tend to work harder. Want to better stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff work, mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, it is necessary to establish a scientific and effective incentive mechanism and effective supervision mechanism, scientific implementation and management, can effectively monitor the smooth progress of the work. For example, many companies will implement the "walk-style management", such as McDonald's managers often to the grassroots employees to give a supervisory pressure, personally to the scene not only to allow managers to know the situation, and when the manager consulted to consult Work problems, so that employees can feel the feeling of being respected, and able to show their work skills, enhance the enthusiasm of the staff, can be described as the management of the smart ah.

Management sharing: effective management of employees can take advantage of management

3. Use the inverted pyramid management law to give employees the right. Its meaning is "giving some people the freedom to take responsibility, can release the energy hidden in their body." Let the staff feel that he is responsible for the work of the decision-makers, can be responsible for things to make decisions, some The decision can not be reported to the higher level to stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff work. Once employees feel the responsibility and power of their own, will be for the development of enterprises to make better suggestions to promote the efficiency of the enterprise to be effectively improved.

Effective staff management to share the above three management methods, if you can identify the needs of employees, will effectively ignite the work of the staff passion, so that they will release their own internal power.

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Three Competitive Strategies of New Business Times - Value Leading Strategy

Come from

Cost-leading strategy is that when the operating costs of enterprises below their competitors, the cost advantage will become a high yield, which is a "low" set off a "high" competitive strategy. If the focus of the strategy is to face the "Red Sea", the differentiation strategy is facing the "Blue Ocean", the cost of leading strategic face is in the "Red Sea" and "Blue Ocean" "junction", the three common occupation The whole market, and form a certain complementarity with each other.

Cost-leading strategy In a sense, it is a compromise strategy, wandering in the mainstream market edge, there is no obvious competitive advantage of the enterprise can only take this competitive strategy. From the world point of view, there is little cost-oriented competitive strategy-based "excellent" enterprises, more is to create value for customers and reflect their own value, so regardless of the strategy of centralized or good, but also differentiated strategy worth mentioning, Business eyes are staring at the "customer" or "demand" for the "customer" and "demand" to increase investment is inevitable. However, the cost of leading the strategy of "eyes" staring at the competitors, the pursuit of low cost, high profit effect, serious homogeneity in the product, is indeed a maintenance, and then seek good development. So in the process of competition inevitably "can save the province" phenomenon, and even "tighten the belt to conquer the world", which is the biggest difference with other competitive strategies.

The essence of the enterprise is the value creation, when the enterprise value through the competition reflects the weakening of the enterprise's mission, so the Chinese saying goes, "Ah Q spirit" of the suspect, because the enterprise did not create a "more" value, Compared to the competitors seem "more".

In the view of Michael Porter, corporate competition is the value chain of competition, the value chain of different links are involved in the competition, any one part of the problem will affect the entire value chain, which is the so-called " The Companies that adopt a cost-leading strategy often take the value creation link in the value chain as a "cost center", and by reducing the cost of the "cost center" to achieve the competitive advantage of the entire value chain, the concept of "cost center" Implementation of the leading edge of the cost strategy.

Into the new business era, "Red Sea" and "Blue Ocean" of the "junction" more and more obvious, a big trend to become a sea, cost leadership strategy encountered unprecedented challenges. Human needs are changing, companies must be combined with the customer to create value, once the creation and demand of the two together, the customer (demand) will first "cost" to eliminate the "value" in the first place, firm Do not take the cost of leading the strategy of the enterprise only a dead end.

Why do you say that? Because customer (demand) has only value in the eyes, there is no cost, customer satisfaction is the only measure of the value of the standard, as long as the "demand" a "wayward", "create" have to "fate", this is the new business era typical characteristics. Once the customer and business combination, "cost center" immediately disappeared, together with the "profit center" "product center" and other centers. Not the "cost center" how to lead the cost? What about the business? Change the rules, take the value of leading strategy!

2. Features

In the new business era, once the customer entered the enterprise, immediately along the value chain on all the "center" for "big cleaning", and then all transformed into a center - "value center", that is, to provide customers with the value of the center, The "customer" here is the concept of a broad customer, including internal customers. The traditional function division of labor and professional cooperation value creation method is replaced by business process-based systematic and centralized value creation way. A business process is a value center, and a process organization structure will be established within the enterprise because only process Organizational structure in order to enable enterprises and customers together.

Process-oriented organizational structure allows customers to enter the enterprise, began to participate in the enterprise value creation activities, any one part to reflect their own value, must be achieved through the exchange of value, "value center" is the value of the exchange of the main, within the enterprise has become A "market". Each value center is a relatively independent value creation unit that creates its own value by creating value for the customer, Of the collection. Only when there is a "value center" within the enterprise can we implement a value-leading strategy.

Value-leading strategy does not pursue the maximization of value, as long as the value of creation than the leader can continue to develop, will not be the first to be eliminated by the market, in fact, this is the core strategy of the core strategy of the same. "Lead" is also a relative concept, through the comparison with the competitors and access to market dominance. In the new business era because the homogenization of the product is disappearing, so the value of the lead also need to "innovation" as the core concept, but "innovation" is the starting point for competitors. Value-leading strategy to focus on the competitors, as long as more than competitors to allow customers (demand) are satisfied, you can let competitors disappear faster.

Similarly, the value of the leading strategy is a compromise strategy, when the enterprise can not build a "platform", can not build "anchor", the enterprise naturally can not sit still, only to create more customer satisfaction value, in order to obtain competitive advantage, this is the value Leading the core idea of ​​the strategy. As with the cost leadership strategy, the leading value strategy will also be a competitive strategy for most companies in the new business era.

3. development

In the new business era, the value-leading strategy is a "enterable" and "retreat" competitive strategy, "into" can evolve into an "anchor" strategy, can survive independently in the turbulent market, not Fear of rapids, "back" can be in the platform of the enterprise "stage", and other competitors under a higher, at least have their own "foothold", so take the value of the leading strategy of the enterprise, in the new business era can be established In an invincible position.

Similarly, it is difficult for a firm to adopt a value-leading strategy to become a "good" business, because it is not a first place for customer value, so it is also a passive competitive strategy. If the platform strategy can "overturn", "anchor" strategy can "turn around", then the value of the leading strategy is able to "drift". These three strategies have their own characteristics, and also have a certain complementarity, as the new business era of the three basic competitive strategy.

With the changing structure of human demand, the demand for growth will gradually become obvious, the demand motivation will be more and more abstract, fuzzy, scattered, and ultimately will become a personalized demand. When the whole social structure from molecular to atomic change, the value of the leading strategy will gradually disappear. Because once the motivation needs to show a personalized, the value creation organization (business) will also be individualized, then the competitors will disappear, there is no competition object, there is no value leading one said. The so-called "competition" must have at least two identical or similar individuals competing for the same resource or space, and as society continues to evolve and progress in the times, it is clear that this trend will lead to fewer and fewer companies that adopt value-leading strategies.

How managers learn strategic thinking

In order to gain a competitive advantage when an enterprise leader develops a strategy, the absolute competitive advantage does not exist. As a result, businesses can only gain the advantage of being relative to their competitors. Thus, in the process of strategic thinking of the leader, it should be possible to establish a logical framework based on the following four aspects to construct strategic thinking.

(I) Identify key strategic factors.

Determine the key strategic factors that need to be analyzed from the external environment of the nuclear threat analysis to the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the enterprise, from raw material to product after-sales service. Of course, for business leaders, it is not possible to control all of the key links, analyze key factors, seize fighters, and focus on limited resources in a strategically influential function, Leading the role of the enterprise, and then use the leading position of the effect, to strengthen other functions, thus becoming the industry's leading enterprises.

(B) open up the degree of strategic freedom.

The key strategic factors sometimes refer to a strategic area, the scope is too large, the concept is more general. Therefore, the strategic leader should also focus on a specific key strategic factors in the field of strategic action to take the freedom to think, to choose a special direction to explore the success of the strategy.

The so-called "strategic freedom" refers to the cause of the problem can be derived from the practical strategic direction of the line cluster. Usually by a number of strategic direction line. The basic elements of its concept are the maximum value or variable that the leader expects the strategic elements to achieve; the basic function of its concept is the degree of freedom of strategic action taken to ensure competitive advantage in key strategic factors , Which may be the main strategic action, where the direction line may be one-way, it may be multi-directional. Therefore, the choice and recognition of strategic freedom, in a way, is a further refinement of the key strategic factors.
Leaders' strategic thinking logic

The process of developing strategic degrees of freedom is:

(1) to confirm the main direction of strategic development in the competition.

(2) in the main direction of the abstract a few main axis, that is, the direction of strategic freedom of the line.

(3) along the direction of each strategic freedom to find the key points.

(4) Cost-benefit analysis of each point.

(5) for each competitor may be in each direction of strategic freedom of the activities and order of the line to predict the completion of a complete strategic freedom of choice analysis chart, to determine the company's final strategic action program to lay the foundation.

(C) to determine the relative competitive advantage.

In general, the competition in the various companies will compete for key strategic elements and the development of strategic freedom to make efforts. However, because of the internal conditions of the enterprise there are differences, so many companies can not be a strong competitor to do lasting competition. At this point, clever leaders sometimes avoid a positive conflict, innovative thinking, the other to his way, the establishment of a relatively competitive advantage. For example, in the price competition, if simply from the price (finished product), may not be a good measure. On the contrary, if the big after-sales service on the article, may also create a new world.

(D) a proactive attack.

Innovation, no doubt for enterprises to obtain a leading position made a significant contribution. But when the enterprise to a certain extent, no matter what efforts. Enterprises will not make significant progress, showing a certain impasse, the leader must take some decisive measures, take the initiative to attack, to generally accepted the common sense of a thorough challenge, another way out.

Under the current market environment, small and medium enterprises to achieve rapid economic development of the six aspects

The rapid development of market economy, how to step by step development of small and medium enterprises step by step stability, step by step to improve their overall strength? In fact, enterprises to develop, there must be a clear plan to achieve the goal, to develop a perfect business strategy in order to lead the competition.

First, the right to change the odds to win - be good at using the odd strategy

        Market situation changes, Moreover, the same field of small and medium enterprises produced by the product grade is often different, but also in the same market to grab the same cake. If you only know to hold the "positive", solid self-styled is not innovative, "positive" is not impregnable, not sit still, is to be dragged down.
Therefore, we must be good at using the odd strategy, learn to change the degree of change, so that the constant change, to change the power to win. To set up R & D institutions, to strengthen the construction of technological innovation system, access to product technology to improve, continue to introduce market demand, fashionable new products, take ingenuity, surprise new initiatives, open up new and potential new markets.

Of course, "positive" and "odd" is a relative, dialectical relationship, a product first developed when the "odd", until other enterprises have been imitated after the "positive", you need to use the updated product Open up the market, so that "positive" and into "odd". Small and medium-sized enterprises only make full use of curiosity strategy, "surprising students", continuous innovation, in order to have vitality, to grow and develop.

Second, the strengths and weaknesses to avoid the line - good at using the focus strategy

Each enterprise can only be in a certain area, a certain industry to form an advantage, not in many directions, many aspects are competitive. In addition, small and medium enterprises are often difficult to form a large-scale production and sales, it is difficult to have strong research and development capabilities, quality, technology, reputation and marketing are generally less than large enterprises, not a cost-leading strategy, product differentiation strategy required business advantages The Therefore, the wise small and medium-sized enterprises will be good at "and the enemy", adhere to the "do nothing for the future" principle, the use of market focus strategy, strengths and weaknesses, the limited resources, funds, strength to be able to form their own advantages Of the field and goals, or to seek cost leadership, or for product differentiation advantages, if possible both. In the formation of a relatively competitive advantage, to take advantage of the line, and strive to make the focus of the strategy continue to achieve victories, so that enterprises in the target area was utmost state, the formation of core competitiveness.

Third, to avoid the virtual take the virtual take advantage of - good at using the actual situation strategy

Small and medium-sized enterprises are facing more competitive pressures, more sense of crisis, and therefore more need for institutional innovation and technological innovation; organizational structure of lean, less management level, more flexible operation mechanism; the face of rapidly changing market, adaptability and affordability, Force is also strong, more flexible in the business.

Therefore, small and medium enterprises should give full play to their own advantages, close observation of competitors, analysis of market conditions, to avoid the virtual hit the strategy, to avoid the strengths of competitors, hit the weakness of competitors; avoid market saturation, The virtual. Pay attention to looking for large enterprises do not want or can not enter, the enterprise itself has a basis and can play a professional market gap; pay attention to seize the current generation of products began to decline, after the generation of products have not yet entered the product gap; Large enterprises often resort to social division of labor, hope that other enterprises to help engage in processing business and derived from the gap. Small and medium enterprises to find their own development space, take the "small and special", "small and special" development path, and gradually form their own advantages, to form their own "real".

Fourth, see the needle into the gap - into the use of interspersed strategy

In the same industry, the same area, often distributed in large, medium and small enterprises, they compete in the same market competition, the strength between enterprises is very uneven, start and inconsistent, competition is quite cruel. However, the market is not compassionate weak, do not believe in tears, it follows the survival of the fittest, the law of strong wins. In the competition, small and medium enterprises because of the weak, certainly difficult to compete with large enterprises, to some extent, small and medium enterprises seem to grow in the great pressure of large enterprises, and small businesses are in large and medium-sized enterprises Caught in the cracks, there is always the risk of being crushed.

Therefore, the wise business should learn to use interspersed strategy, the use of market competition, "gap", see the needle, by "gap" and into, to establish their own "base." Such as in the market competition and the large enterprises do not have a positive collision, should take a roundabout tactics, to avoid the edge, not hard to touch the collision. Only in this way, small and medium enterprises in the market competition must survive, save the day, in order to survive in the large enterprises to find the survival and development of space.

Fifth, to seize the opportunity to quickly win - good use of fast counter strategy

The market is often quick to win. Who will first develop new products, who will meet the demand, who should seize the market, who will be able to grasp the initiative in the market competition; similar, homogeneous, with the price of products, who first put it on the market, who will be able to control the market high ground, Other companies want to win this high point, you have to spend several times, dozens of times the effort, put several times, several times the cost. The first place, the first step, rely on the speed, small and medium enterprises to develop their own, we must use fast anti-strategy to improve the ability to respond quickly. Should pay attention to the analysis of the market research, keep abreast of the pulse of the market, timely adjustment of business strategy; the market should have a unique sense of smell, enhance the sensitivity of the market reaction, timely capture opportunities;

Should pay attention to play its flexible fickle, boat small U-turn of the strengths, so that your speed, in seize the opportunity to win the initiative. Only in this way, the potential advantages of enterprises can be transformed into a real advantage and competitive advantage.

Six, virtual business sharing of resources - good at using the strategy of taking advantage

With the increasing degree of socialization of production, the division of labor more and more fine, more and more broad space between enterprises, small and medium enterprises must be in the entire industry chain in the selection of their own position. As the resources of small and medium-sized enterprises is relatively poor, both human, material, financial, information and other resources, can not be compared with large enterprises, should learn to use the strategy of taking advantage of the emphasis on their strengths and advantages while taking the initiative and related enterprises to build a close Division of labor relations, through the virtual business model, to maximize the use of external resources, and to operate it, to achieve a win-win objective. Enterprises through a high starting point from abroad to introduce advanced technology to pay attention to digestion and absorption, and technological innovation. Fully with the outside brain, for enterprise science and technology development services.

In marketing, it is not necessary to have a market to build a market, you can use the existing network of foreign distributors, cooperation in the establishment of overseas marketing network, which can save a large amount of foreign institutions spending, but also shorten the international Market time, so that enterprises through foreign distributors directly into the international market. The purpose of leveraging the opportunity is through the use and operation of external resources, access to their own resources, to create their own do not have the conditions for the development of enterprises. Market competition will never end, small and medium enterprises should continue to use the potential strategy for the development of enterprises into vitality and vitality.

Through Wal-Mart to see business business model should solve the seven problems

As early as the 1950s, it was suggested that the "business model" concept, but until 40 years later (1990) was popular. Timothy defines a business model that refers to a complete product, service and information flow system, including each participant and its role in it, as well as the potential benefits of each participant and the corresponding source of revenue and the way. In the process of analyzing the business model, the main concern about a class of enterprises in the market with users, suppliers, other cooperative relations, especially between the logistics, information flow and capital flow.

Any one business model is a customer value, business resources and capacity, profit structure of the three-dimensional model.

The three elements of the Business Model Innovation, written by Harvard University professor Mark Johnson, Clayton Christensen and SAP CEO Henning Kagermann, summed up these three elements as:

"Customer Value Advocacy" refers to the tasks that an enterprise needs to complete when an enterprise provides services or products to its customers or consumers at a given price.

"Resources and production process", that is, to support customer value proposition and profit model of the specific business model.

"Profit formula", that is, enterprises to achieve the economic value of the process of shareholders.

Accenture, which has long been engaged in business model research and consulting, believes that a successful business model has three characteristics:

First, the successful business model to be able to provide unique value. Sometimes this unique value may be a new idea; and more often it is often a combination of product and service uniqueness. This combination can either provide additional value to the customer; either make it possible for the customer to earn the same benefit at a lower price or to get more benefits at the same price.

Second, the business model is difficult to imitate. Enterprises to establish their own different, such as the customer's careful care, unparalleled ability to implement, to improve the industry's entry threshold, so as to ensure that the source of profits is not violated. For example, direct sales model (only "direct" point, can not call it a business model), everyone knows how it works, but also know that Dell is the benchmark for direct sales, but it is difficult to copy the Dell model, because "Direct" behind, is a complete set of extremely difficult to reproduce the resources and production processes.

Third, the successful business model is down to earth. Enterprises should be made into account, break even. This seemingly self-evident truth, in order to year after year, day after day to do, but not easy. Many of the reality of the enterprise, whether it is traditional enterprises or new enterprises, for their own money from where to earn, why customers look at their own products and services, and even how many customers can not actually bring profits for the enterprise, but in Erosion of business income and other key issues, do not understand.

Many foreign trade enterprises are Wal-Mart's suppliers, then I ask you a question: Wal-Mart's business model is what? "Every day low" must be the most answer.
The answer is not wrong, but not comprehensive, it is only the appearance of Wal-Mart business model. Wal-Mart's successful business model contains a greater connotation: the global consumer of daily necessities, the global store system, the global integration of procurement, highly efficient logistics system, lower prices of goods ... ...

Therefore, a perfect business model, not a business operation of a link or a level, but a perfect system. To help you understand what business model is, we might as well take a look at a business model that should answer seven core questions for a business strategy -

What is the value of the business for the customer?

That is, your business through its products and services can provide the value to your customers, that is, what will you give your customers what benefits.

2, who is the target customer of the business?

That is, your business will provide customers with business value, they have a common value needs, so that your business can provide them with a common value, that is, the positioning of target customers.

3, through what path will pass the value to the target customer?

That is, distribution channels, need to clarify how your business to open up the market, including the market area and distribution strategy.

4, business operations should be configured what resources?

That is, what kind of people, money, and things will be deployed for the operation of the business and how to apply these resources step by step.

5, the enterprise should establish what the core capacity to support the operation of the business?

That is, your business operations your business model must be the key ability to ensure the smooth operation of business.

6, should be established with the partners what kind of relationship?

That is, your business should be related to other related businesses or individuals to establish what kind of relationship, jointly and effectively build the desired value of the target customers, and to achieve its commercialization. Such as the relationship with the supplier, the relationship with the channel members and so on.

7, business profit channels which?

That is, how the business is profitable, with what effective income channels, profitability, which is usually referred to the profit model.

We can easily see that the business model is the core strategy of the domestic strategy of the strategic elements, in response to the business model of the seven core issues, we have the operation of the domestic sales have a clear and comprehensive understanding.

In essence, the business model is a strategic tool for business operations, from the perspective of operational implementation, clarify the specific elements of business operations elements, and straighten out the business logic between these elements.

Straightforward, the domestic business model for mining, you can accurately tell the domestic decision makers and implementers:

How to make money for domestic sales (what value to provide, have what ability);

Domestic sales of money (target market and target customers);

How to make money how to make money (how to allocate resources, partnership);

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Talking about the Four Basic Functions and Development Strategy Influencing the Development of Small and Medium - sized Enterprises

(A) clear positioning, learn from each other, highlight the characteristics

Small business if you want to grow, must have a clear positioning, clear their own advantages and short board, while highlighting their own operating characteristics, to maintain their own unique competitiveness.

First, effectively expand their own advantages. For a certain size of the small and medium enterprises, there must be a reason, since it can do a certain scale, must be in the sales channels, network resources, product (or service) quality, product (or service) prices have their own Of the unique, business is also relying on this advantage to survive, to break through the scale of the bottleneck, or from here to start. The reason for this is that, first of all, can solve the problem of survival, and secondly, for small businesses, growth is highly dependent on the path, and past successes are easier to reproduce on the same road.

Second, make up for their own short board. For small and medium enterprises, the growth of long board is necessary, and make up for short board is also essential. For enterprises, the key business elements is nothing more than sales, production, technology, capital, talent, restricting the size of enterprises to break through the restrictions, is often a short board, the "deduction" solution, the business business volume is complete No problem.

Third, highlight their own characteristics and differences. In the current era of this product is very rich, many of our business are faced with such confusion, that is: why do I do so many people do, low-cost competition, vicious competition, how can I do This problem, in fact, we can turn to ask yourself: "people do not do things, why do not you do?", "Others did not expect things, why do not you think?" We produced a Tablet PC company For example, in the rapid spread of the Tablet PC today, many of the original production of electronic products companies have joined the ranks of the production of PAD, domestic PAD prices are rapidly reduced. And a company is found a business opportunity, that is: for other enterprises, industry customers custom PAD, as a mobile office terminal, this way, this business and other PAD manufacturers to distinguish, with their own characteristics, Do not need to do with other companies on the cruel price, the configuration of the flame.

(B) point line to enter, near the set of wealthy, effective communication

Do the market, to survive, is the basic requirements of small and medium enterprises. In the market into the strategy, according to the characteristics of small and medium enterprises, "point - line - face into the law" is a more feasible way. The core of this approach is: in the case of multiple target markets, the first choice of one, all the resources together, in the short term to improve marketing performance, establish the company's influence and confidence. On this basis, in the first point of the marketing activities have been quite successful, and then in the target area near the second point, into the market, forming a straight line between the two interactions. On this basis, and then select and enter the third point, this point with the first and second points to form a triangular, closed marketing area. Finally, between three points to choose a regional central point, the formation of a complete, mutual support, efficient operation of the sales side.

How to become a large enterprise suppliers, I believe that SMEs should grasp the four points: First, the management of the normative, to have the necessary quality system, service system, so that large enterprises assured cooperation; Second, the product (or Service is professional, large enterprises choose suppliers, the first request is the field of experts; third is affordable, although not necessarily low, but should be compared with large and medium-sized enterprises have an advantage; the fourth is to establish a modern means of promotion, Such as B2B website, to participate in industry associations, take the initiative to participate in large orders, at any time concerned about the tender information of large enterprises, and so on.

In the grasp of customer needs, improve customer communication effectiveness, the author made four recommendations, namely: to-based, the pursuit of win-win situation; know ourselves, carefully prepared; theme is clear, clear purpose; keep in touch, intended for a long time.

(3) multi-point financing, speed up turnover, information technology help

SMEs in the financial and financial management needs to be addressed mainly three aspects, one is financing, the second is to improve the efficiency of the flow of funds, the third is to regulate the flow of funds and financial security.

Financing is difficult for small and medium enterprises are generally facing the problem, in this regard, SMEs can take the main way to have natural loans, pawn, credit guarantee loans, venture capital, financial leasing, comprehensive credit, buyer credit, a joint cooperative loan, Project development loans, export financing, personal entrusted loans, intangible assets secured loans and other means.

In addition to financing, due to limited management capacity, SMEs often have the problem of low efficiency of capital flows, that is sufficient to use the liquidity, due to funding arrangements led to financial constraints, which I believe that should be from Improve the management of production capacity, shorten the working hours and reduce the time consumption caused by rework. It is necessary to strengthen the management of accounts receivable, strengthen the management of accounts receivable, strengthen material management, reduce capital stagnation, improve the efficiency of manufacturing links, accelerate the flow of products, improve production management ability,